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Robots dancing to K-pop at the Toy Fair

Some robots on display at the 2009 Toy Fair were caught dancing to K-pop music. mentioned in today's Korea Daily newspaper

In today's Korea Daily DC edition, a interview article on the front cover spoke about the DC-area Fun Korean Meetup Group. The article also included a mention of

Word Of The Day

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These words & translations are from the Fun Korean Meetup group:

  • "Help!" - "doh-ah chu-say-o" (chusayo means please).
  • Happy New Year - Say-hay boke mahn-he pah-du-say-oh -
  • noraebang - ??? - "song room" or as known in Japanese: karaoke

Traveling in Seoul South Korea

On this Korea page you will find some recent videos taken in Seoul.

And a winter sunrise over Seoul - short video clip:

Big Bang - KPop Zone Interview (SE) 080923

The clip below is from 2008, and is an interview done on Arirang TV with the members of Big Bang. It includes discussion about how they write songs, including Day By Day (video is further down) and Stand Up.

Social Networking & South Korea

When people talk about social networking sites that South Koreans use, it usually includes Cyworld (Wikipedia page about Cyworld).

The South Korean market is desired by the major sites, such as Facebook and MySpace. And there are many ways to look at the picture (scroll down for a slide show about asian social networking markets).

And the reverse is happening, as Cyworld moves to other markets, including the USA.

Perhaps the story is a mixed signal. The Korea Times recently wrote this article - Social Networking Is The Online Order Of The Day - after having written only months ago about Social Networking Sites Losing Energy. The second story was in May, during which a similar story appeared on


Below is an interview of's CEO (from 2006).

Full House - 3 Bears Song

The Korean Drama "Full House" had a plot with a sort of double love triangle (The leading lady loves Mr. Right, but she also falls for Mr. Also Right, who was dating another woman... a woman who loves the Mr. Right. And so on).

In this scene, the leading lady (Han Ji-Eun played by Song Hye Kyo) sings the Korean children's song "3 Bears" for the parents of her "Mr. Right" (Lee Young-Jae (비/Bi (Rain)).

The video is 1:59 long.

Below is another clip from Full House:

Learn To Speak Korean

Want to sit back and relax and watch your next (or first) Korean lesson? Here are two videos that fit the need... enjoy!

Lesson 1, part 1:

Lesson 1, part 2:

Annyong Everybody!

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