Full House - 3 Bears Song

The Korean Drama "Full House" had a plot with a sort of double love triangle (The leading lady loves Mr. Right, but she also falls for Mr. Also Right, who was dating another woman... a woman who loves the Mr. Right. And so on).

In this scene, the leading lady (Han Ji-Eun played by Song Hye Kyo) sings the Korean children's song "3 Bears" for the parents of her "Mr. Right" (Lee Young-Jae (비/Bi (Rain)).

The video is 1:59 long.

Below is another clip from Full House:

Full House Korean Drama Part 4 Episode 1 - Funny videos are here
The clip is 3:26 long.

Funny 3 Bears Version from YouTube

This video below is not from the Full House show... it is a speeded-up (sped-up) version of the song done by someone in a bunny suit: