Social Networking & South Korea

When people talk about social networking sites that South Koreans use, it usually includes Cyworld (Wikipedia page about Cyworld).

The South Korean market is desired by the major sites, such as Facebook and MySpace. And there are many ways to look at the picture (scroll down for a slide show about asian social networking markets).

And the reverse is happening, as Cyworld moves to other markets, including the USA.

Perhaps the story is a mixed signal. The Korea Times recently wrote this article - Social Networking Is The Online Order Of The Day - after having written only months ago about Social Networking Sites Losing Energy. The second story was in May, during which a similar story appeared on


Below is an interview of's CEO (from 2006).

And the video below is titled "Everything Korean: Social Networking and Global Business", and discusses Cyworld starting about halfway into the video:

Everything Korean: Social Networking and Global Business from Don Southerton on Vimeo.