Korean TV & Radio Stations in America

There are an estimated one and a half million people in the United States claiming Korean heritage. Supporting the almost 1.6 million Korean-Americans, there are several Korean TV and radio stations in America. There are also others available on cable and online. Here are some of the ones in major markets: Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, DC (including Virginia & Maryland).

Also, across much of the country, Arirang TV, MBC, SBS, YTN, and CTS available via satellite TV - Korean TV shows, many of them with English sub-titles.

 Los Angeles

 New York:

    Radio: AM 1660 KRB (streamed live on it's website). May also be known as WWRU-AM, and may be based in Jersey City, NJ.

    MBCD channel 63.3 (digital)

 Washington, DC

    AM 1310 - WDCT Korean radio, which according to Wikipedia was previously owned by the family of US President Lyndon Baines Johnson. The format converted to Korean & English in the 1990's, and went all-Korean in 1998. Programming includes religious content, including this church's live broadcast on Sundays.

    WNVC-TV (Digital TV Channel 30-1, Channel 56) an independent non-commercial station in Fairfax, Virginia, and has a variety of world cultures, including some occasional Korean programming. Over the air, and also on some cable systems.
    WKTV - cable TV - Korean TV shows, many of them with English sub-titles. Also broadcasts daily local news in Korean, and re-broadcasts LA-based news in Korean. (website)

    (Here is a full list of DC area radio & tv stations for all formats/languages.)